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XJ[ScoLarbx]JWAt@bVuhbʔ> About Us

[ Company Name ]
ScoLar Co., Ltd []

[ Establishment ]@
2 September, 2002

[ Company Address ]@
Business Zone Kita Horie Building
2-2-17 Kita Horie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0014
Tel: (06) 6537-1139

[ Capital ]@
¥5 million (As of March 2007)

[ President and Representative Director ]
Yasuo Imai

[ Number of Employees ]
18 (As of March 2009. Includes part-time employees)

[ Settlement of Accounts ]

[ Business Description ]
Ladiesfwear, management of a flagship casual wear shop, brand management, trademark property management

[ Group Companies ]
Shalls Co., Ltd []
3rd Floor (Sales Division) 5th Floor (Management Division)
Business Zone Kita Horie Building 2-2-17 Kita Horie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0014
3rd Floor (Sales Division) Tel: (06) 6535-1626 / Fax: (06) 6535-1627
5th Floor (Management Division) Tel: (06) 6535-1656 / Fax: (06) 6535-1657

Shalls Trading Co., Ltd
4th Floor Business Zone Kita Horie Building 2-2-17 Kita Horie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0014
Tel: (06) 4390-7888 / Fax: (06) 4390-7898


[ Sub-Licensee Recruitment ]
We are laying the foundations of the ScoLar Brand in casual wear and we plan to use the ScoLar brand in the future to advance into various categories. We are recruiting sub-licensees who have an interest in ScoLar and agree to brand development.

[ Brand Story ]
ScoLar started in 1999, based on the concept of gcasual wear that can be the centerpiece of a coordinated outfit, using original print designs with an impact.

At the same time as releasing printed T-shirts that can be instantly recognized as ScoLar products at major specialist ladiesf casual wear stores nationwide, we received explosive support from women who like casual wear and grew all at once into a popular brand. Subsequently, we developed a total range of products not just print T-shirts, including shirts, bottoms and outers, etc, clarifying the positioning of ScoLar as a brand in the ladiesf casual wear market. ScoLar products have been released not only in Japan, but also at specialist stores in Hong Kong and Taiwan too, where they have attracted enormous popularity. The company decided to expand into menfs casual wear in 2003 and to grant a sub-license in the umbrella category in 2004. We are continuing to grow the world of ScoLar.

[ Brand Concepts ]
Feelings of thrill and excitement
We pursue plans obsessed with being one step ahead, valuing the feelings of thrill and excitement, based always on reality.

[ Target Market ]
Young women aged from their late-teens to early 20s who like street-feel casual wear.

[ Brand Recognition Activities and Future Outlook ]

We advertise regularly, mainly in the fashion magazine gSouph,gminah.
Management of the directly-managed shop gScoLarh in the Minami Horie(Osaka), Harajuku(Tokyo), Laforet HarajukuENiigata(Niigata).
Trademark registration has been completed in the United States,EU,Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam.
Including Canada and China in the main country of the world during the trademark registration application and also under preparation.

We plan to develop and expand licensed business in the markets of East Asia, Europe and America after establishing licensed business in Japan.

[ Sub-Licensee Recruitment Categories ]
Type 3 (Registration Completed)
Soap, cosmetics, perfume, aroma oil, false eyelashes, false fingernails
Type 5 (Registration Completed)
Pharmaceutical products, surgical dressings, band-aids, menstrual sanitary products
Type 9 (Registration Completed)
Safety helmets, bicycle helmets, spectacles
Type 12 (Registration Completed)
Bicycles, bicycle parts, prams, motorcycles, motorcycle parts
Cars, car parts
Type 14 (Registration Completed)
Clocks, accessories, jewelry, precious metal
Type 18 (Registration Completed)
Bags, wallets, pouches, umbrellas
Type 21 (Registration Completed)
Dinnerware, saucepans, kitchen goods, cleaning goods
Type 24 (Registration Completed)
Towels, handkerchiefs, wrapping cloths, blankets, futons, luncheon mats, toilet covers
Type 25 (Registration Completed)
Ladiesf apparel, menfs apparel, mufflers, scarves, shoes (sandals), belts, socks/ pantyhose, gloves, hats, aprons, slippers, swimwear, kimono/ summer kimono, lingerie/ foundation garments, menfs inners, ladiesf inners, baby clothes, childrenfs clothes, special clothes for use in exercise, special shoes for use in exercise
Type 28 (Registration Completed)
Game products, toys, exercise goods, stuffed toys
Type 29 (Registration Completed)
Meat, meat products, sea food, processed sea food, processed vegetables, processed fruit, milk products
Type 32 (Registration Completed)
Soft drinks, mineral water, beer

We are also currently making applications for trademark registrations in other categories.

The granting of licenses has already been determined in the following categories.

Shalls Trading is already currently developing products in ladiesf and menfs apparel.
Youm Company has been developing umbrellas since September 2007.
Stander has been developing childrenfs clothes since September 2007.
Daigo has been developing inners (boxer pants) since January 2008.

For applications and inquiries concerning sub-licensee matters, please feel free to inquire by phone or e-mail as shown below.

Sub-Licensing Manager: Yano
ScoLar Co., Ltd
Business Zone Kita Horie Building
2-2-17 Kita Horie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0014
Tel: (06) 6535-1626